The rooftops of Paris

A first database: 32 million square metres documented.

© Apur – François Mohrt

32.2 million square metres, 128,000 roofs with information on typology (material, albedo, slope), current and potential uses, such are the elements to be found in this first database on Parisian roofs published by Apur. Today, the rooftops of Paris include 3,500 greened roofs of over 100 square metres and 674 roofs equipped with a solar energy producing system. There are also 24,000 roofs with flat surfaces of at least 50 square metres, 2,100 of which have at least 200 square metres of unobstructed, adjoining flat areas which have great potential for solar energy installations and/or greening and and/or urban agriculture projects to be carried out. 

This first database reveals a significant development potential for the roofs of Paris which could contribute to the city’s objectives in the face of climate change (adaptation, energy production), as well as making it more pleasurable for inhabitants through new uses of available space, with technological developments (solar paint, integrated solar panels, light soil, rain water recovery tanks) enabling the right balance between respect for the city’s heritage and the necessary changes to be found.

Infographie - Les toits de Paris © Apur


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    The rooftops of Paris - A first database: 32 million square metres documented

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