The Situation of the Disabled

Nanterre University: specialised transport and parking area for disabled people.

Created in 2008, the Observatory was born of the acknowledgement, shared by numerous actors, of the difficulty of gathering statistics and consequently of the difficulty of following actions through, assessing the needs of people with disabilities and the setting up well adapted solutions. Its creation came in response to the objectives of the Master Plan for the Autonomy and Participation of Disabled People, that Paris  established in 2006

The Observatory aims at a better knowledge of the disabled public and its environment, with the objective of bringing the necessary enlightenment to public authorities and professionals of the field for making decisions.
To achieve this it first has to organise a more efficient sharing of t social information, to facilitate access and  put in place monitoring of the principal quantitative indicators, notably by gathering and pooling existing statistical data drawn from reliable shared sources. The role of the Observatory is also to produce or finance thematic studies and analysis. It should give priority  to exchanges with associative partners.
The information gathered in the database is organised into seven chapters:

  • Knowledge of the public
  • Medical and Social Accompaniment and Offers
  • Transport and Mobility
  • Access to Housing
  • Access to Schooling
  • Access to Work and Training
  • Access to Culture and Leisure Activities

The steering Committee, presided over by the Deputy Mayor of Paris responsible for the situation of disabled people is made up of: the City and Department of Paris, the Government, Social Protection Organisations, professionals of the field and representatives of associations. It decides on the direction to be taken, defines the objectives of studies and validates publications. It meets, on average, twice a year.
A technical committee is responsible for accompanying the operational running. The Apur deals with the setting up of the Observatory's databases.