Social diversity and segregation in Grand Paris Express station neighbourhoods - Trends since 2010

Following an initial study covering the Greater Paris - Grand Paris Metropolis - this note, drawn up in partnership with INSEE, analyses the social mix in Grand Paris Express station neighbourhoods and how they have evolved since 2010.

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Among the 68 Grand Paris Express station neighbourhoods, 22 could be classified as socially mixed in 2019. They are as mixed, or even more so, than the municipalities in which they are situated. In  contrast, 11 station neighbourhoods were classified as segregated. These latter areas have a concentration of households with similar levels of income, most of them among the lower range, except for one segregated neighbourhood where the majority of households had high-level incomes.  In addition 25 neighbourhoods were in an intermediate situation, neither among the most segregated not among the most mixed. Finally 10 sparsely populated neighbourhoods, were not analysed. Between 2010 and 2019 changes in the mixed nature of station neighbourhoods varied. The social diversity increased significantly in 18 station neighbourhoods, mainly on lines 14 and 15.  

This note aims to characterise the Grand Paris Express station neighbourhoods (GPE) in terms of their social diversity or conversely their levels of segregation. Station neighbourhoods correspond to areas within a 800 metre radius around stations. Segregation here refers to the unequal territorial distribution of inhabitants according to their levels of income.
This study also looks at the changes in diversity and segregation since 2010, the date at which the Grand Paris Law was passed. One of the aims of this law, which defines the routes of new metro lines and the extensions of existing lines, was specifically to facilitate a reduction of territorial inequalities and to strengthen the social mix.

This note follows on from the one published on the same subject covering the Grand Paris Metropolis. It gives an initial assessment of the social changes underway in station neighbourhoods at a time when the new metro lines are still under development. 

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