Social housing statistics in Paris in 2018 - Edition 2019

Main figures on social housing in Paris in 2018 : the number of social housing units, the evolution of the stock since 2001 (application of the SRU law), applications for and allocations of social housing.

Parisian social housing buildings © Jean-Baptiste Gurliat – Mairie de Paris

The State and the City of Paris officially totalled 245,210 SRU social housing units in service in Paris on 1st January 2018, that is 21.1% of main residences. From 2001 to 2008, 104,484 social housing units were financed: 27,786 inclusive aid loan for rented accommodation -PLAI- housing units (27%), 44,980 Social use rental loan -PLUS- (43%) and 31,718 Social rentals loan -PLS- (30%). 

In response to this offer, the number of applicants for social housing wishing to be housed in Paris was particularly high and continued to rise compared with previous years: 249,671 households renewing or making their first application in 2018 marked Paris among their choice of locations.

The demand for social housing expressed in Paris is mainly due to the number of low income households which are below the PLAI social housing benchmark. Almost 11,000 Parisian social housing units were allocated in 2018 (contracts signed).

Infographie - Les chiffres du logement social a paris en 2018 © Apur


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