Social housing statistics in Paris in 2019 - Edition 2020

This note brings together the latest available figures on social housing in Paris in 2019: the number of social housing units, the development of the social housing stock since 2001 in application of the SRU Law, the applications for social housing and that allocated during the year.

Minimes Barracks - Paris 3e © Jean-Baptiste Gurliat – Ville de Paris

21.4% SRU social housing on 1st January 2019

The State and City of Paris officially registered 250,618 SRU social housing units in service in Paris as of 1st January 2019: this represents 21.4% of main residences¹.
The official number of social housing units on 1st January 2020 is not yet known, but considering the social housing programmes delivered in 2019 (6,600 dwellings), it should reach 257,218 (21.9% of main residences²).
If one adds to this the financed social housing which is under construction or in the process of being renovated, the percentage of social housing reaches approximately 23.7%.
In Paris, the objective set out in article 55 of the SRU Law is to achieve 25% of social housing among main residences by 2025.
Paris is thus pursuing a fourfold objective: to increase the number of social housing units to reach the benchmark fixed by the SRU Law, to distribute them better throughout the territory, to produce family housing in response to the Parisian demand and to diversify the rental offer within the same building to ensure a social mix. Needs exist in all the districts and social diversity contributes to the quality of life in neighbourhoods. Today, almost 50% of social housing is concentrated into only three districts: the 13th, 19th and 20th, each of which accommodates over 35,000 social housing units.  

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