Social Inclusion and Fight against Exclusion

The  Paris Observatory for Social Inclusion and the Fight against Exclusion was created in 2009.
Its mission is to organise a more efficient sharing of knowledge of the phenomena of poverty and social exclusion, to facilitate access and put in place monitoring of the principal quantitative indicators, so as to give public authorities the necessary perspective for making decisions.

Tents of homeless people on the embankment, Paris © Apur


The activity of the Observatory consists of producing thematic studies and analysis. The first works undertaken dealt with setting up a database, analysing the homeless population, making an inventory of emergency accommodation structures, analysing  the fragile middle classes, reflecting on developing a synthesis  indicator  of the social situation of Paris as a whole.


A Steering Committee presided over by the Deputy Mayor responsible for Solidarity, the Family and the Fight against Social Exclusion, brings together a group of actors concerned by the evolution of the social environment: the Government, the City Council, the French Social Security and Child Benefit Office -CAF- , Council members, associations and professionals of the field. It benefits from the support of the scientific expert  Michel Castellan, specialist on Social Issues.

A Technical Committee, responsible for  operational functioning, is presided over by the Director of Social Action, Infancy and Health and is  composed of representatives from the administrations which supply the data and are interested in the results, notably the Government, the City of Paris,  the Social Security and Child Benefit Office -CAF-. It also includes researchers and representatives from the associative world.

The Department of Social Action, Infancy and Health  provides the secretariat of the Steering Committee and the Technical Committee. The Apur is responsible for its operational running.

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