Summary of the Observatory of Station Neighbourhoods, 2014 – 2017

This new work presents 4 years of lessons learned by the Observatory of Station Neighbourhoods.

Summary of the Observatory of Station Neighbourhoods, 2014 – 2017 © Apur

Since 2014, the Observatory of the Grand Paris Express Station Neighbourhoods has made it possible to describe and compare the urban and social characteristics of the 68 neighbourhoods which will accommodate the future Grand Paris Express stations. The aim is to support the key public players involved in drawing up development projects, by providing them with a detailed reading of the current situation, illustrated with accurate and factual data.

This work summarises 66 monographs, 7 cross-analyses and 5 complementary themed studies already published by Apur, in partnership with the Grand Paris Transport and Development Organisation (SGP) and the Ile-de-France Regional and Interdepartmental Department of Infrastructure and Development (DRIEA). It contains the principal lessons learned concerning the 68 neighbourhoods representing 13,280 hectares, 1.41 million inhabitants, 540,000 housing units and 844,000 jobs.


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    The Observatory of Grand Paris Express Station Neighbourhoods, 2014 – 2017 – Revealing the present to prepare for the future

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    Station neighbourhoods - Grand Paris Express

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