Towards a network of urban service stations

Where the 20th century set up service station networks, the 21st century will have to reinvent urban services and create a new network of urban service stations.

Service station - Avenue Émile Zola, Paris (15th district) © Apur - Hanna Darabi

Giving up vehicles driven by internal combustion raises a number of feasibility questions, in particular as regards the switching of fleets to carbon-free energy, and also the low number of “green” recharging points.

Apart from the question of recharging vehicles running on new energy sources, the whole system of urban services essential to a post-carbon city needs to be re-examined: infrastructures that favour re-use, collection and a better evaluation of our belongings and our waste, in order to optimise logistics, to produce energy from our biowaste, etc. with services and new functions which together could form the basis of a close-knit network of new urban service stations covering the metropolitan territory.

Within the framework of its 2018 – 2019 partnership programme, Apur has set up a study of these new urban service stations and their territorial coverage.
It will be organised in 3 stages:
- An initial stage looking at the current network of service stations, working from studies carried out in 2012 which have been updated.
- A second stage covering the potential evolution of this network to include new kinds of fuel and energies (Natural Gas for Vehicles (GNV/BioGNV), hydrogen in particular);
- A third stage examining the post-carbon city urban service stations, through an analysis of the network of urban services and the links needing to be strengthened, and the ability of the territories to accommodate this. Some experimental exploration into how these urban service stations can be integrated will be carried out in the metropolitan territory.

The first two stages will be completed by the end of 2018, the last during the first three months of 2019.

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