Tram-Fret Meetings of 25th June 2010

Arrivée du convoi ferroviaire VFLI sur le site SAMADA Bercy

The Apur,  assisted by Capgemini Consulting, decided to organise a half-day meeting to reflect on the Freight Tramway -Tram-Fret- study, in the presence of stakeholders from both  public and private sectors.

The meeting took place on 25th June 2010 at the ASE Centre in Paris, at La Défense.

Why Tram-Fret? Urban logistics are important issues for the future. The idea was to organise a think-tank with the people who will be the actual users of tomorrow, to see if they consider that there really is a possible use beyond what has already been put on paper so that, ultimately, a key decision can be taken: a “go” or “no go” on the project!