Transformations in Grand Paris Express station neighbourhoods - 35 stations to be in service by 2025

186 urban projects are underway in the 35 neighbourhoods around Grand Paris Express stations that will be open and running by 2025 (they cover 28% of the surface area of these neighbourhoods). In the next 10 years these projects will provide 84,000 housing units, 2.5 million m² of office space and over 2 million m² of other types of businesses.

View of a building site in one of the future GPE stations © Société du Grand Paris / David Delaporte

This study looks at the situation of major urban projects seen from the angles of five main issues: 

  • the speeding up of housing construction, functional diversity and territorial rebalancing;
  • social diversity and the reduction of inequalities;
  • commitment to environmental issues and innovation at the service of a carbon neutral city;
  • accessibility and the enhancement of public spaces;
  • new ways of operating, diversification of uses and tools.

The analysis of neighbourhood by neighbourhood reveals a general trend of improved functional and social diversity. An ambitious environmental objective is clearly shown, more in projects yet to be carried out than those already finalised, however declared commitment does not meet all the challenges of a carbon neutral and inclusive city. The study describes areas reserved for public space in the future Grand Paris station neighbourhoods and underlines the importance of taking action in order to facilitate feeder networks at stations and the necessity to plan for crossings, a place for new mobility services, to reduce parked cars and to increase care given to street level animation. 

A more global reading raises the alarm of the West/East imbalance. Projects in station neighbourhoods located along the western stretch of line 14 have been developing much faster than those in the east. All key players should take action in order to speed up the territorial equilibrium and to develop the enhancement of potential and assets, notably environmental, of station neighbourhoods in the east of the metropolis.


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    Transformations in Grand Paris Express station neighbourhoods - 35 stations to be in service by 2025

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