The Villa d’Este project

An account of exchanges at workshops held on 27th September and 4th December 2019

Open spaces of Villa d’Este © Apur - Arnauld Duboys Fresney

In the context of its partnership work programme, Apur was entrusted with the task of putting together an urban study with a participative approach, on the outdoor spaces of the pedestrian area Villa d’Este and the garden on the esplanade Dalle d’Ivry. Begun in the spring of 2019, the aim of the process was to define a project for the non-constructed areas of the Villa d’Este sector and the conditions for its implementation during the summer of 2020.

The present layout of open space is a source of numerous dysfunctional issues which lead to the environment becoming run down, due to the mainly private management system not being appropriate for the size and layout of these spaces which are, above all, public space. 

Faced with this observation it is important to draw up and share an urban, architectural and landscape vision of the area as a whole and to define a project which is founded on the neighbourhood’s assets: commercial vitality, functional and social diversity. 

The workshops brought together inhabitants, users, owners and managers from the sector, who were invited to work together to find shared principles. These documents recount the content of discussions that took place during Workshop 1 which dealt with consolidating the diagnosis and the first ideas on development and Workshop 2 during which participants were invited to respond to three contrasting scenarios proposed by Apur.

Couverture - Atelier #1 - Projet Villa d'Este © Apur
Couverture - Atelier #2 - Projet Villa d'Este © Apur



Documents to download

  • Workshop

    Workshop #1 - The Villa d’Este project

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  • Workshop

    Workshop #2 - The Villa d’Este project

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