La ville essentielle - The essential city

What changes do we expect the 2020 crisis to produce? Which essential city? A gap has opened which leads us to have great hope…

La ville essentielle - The essential city © Apur

Almost two years after the first lockdown, the Paris Urbanism Agency wanted to share their thoughts on the changes taking place, remembering how the structure of territories is both the result of a slow mutation that is subject to geographical constraints and accelerations linked to history.

Paris and Grand Paris are no exception to this rule. If the cholera pandemic accelerated the creation of water systems in the 19th century, the Covid crisis has revealed the resilience of networks, an explosion of social innovation,  the flexibility of public space, another chain of values and the complexity of the development of the social housing stock. 200 pages to be shared that can heighten our collective imagination.

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    La ville essentielle - The essential city

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