Visible City Hidden Resources

Visible City Hidden Resources, the 41st/42nd issue of Paris Projet, explores the wealth and interactions of the city from top to bottom. This vast subject opens a new chapter in the history of the revue...

View of Halle Pajol with the photovoltaic plant installed on its roof © Apur - David Boureau
... and brings together Apur’s analyses with outside contributions particularly those resulting from the call by the City of Paris for papers on the theme of hidden resources.
While laying the foundations of a city better able to adapt to present and future challenges of  density, climate, energy, nature, not forgetting the the human factor, this publication reflects on and analyses the city as a system for which it is time to invent a new set of rules. 


Table of contents:

Editorial by Bertrand Delanoë, Mayor of Paris


1 - Visible City Hidden Resources:

The “global” city

  • The city as a system, by Dominique Alba
  • The hydra city, saucisson here soya there, interview with Sabine Barles
  • Adapting Paris to tomorrow’s challenges, Régine Engström

A dense city and transformation

  • Urban forms and climate, guiding the changes
    • Thick sweater day, by André-Marie Bourlon (Apur)
    • The energy of economising, interview with Anne Ged
    • Urban heat islands, by Julien Bigorgne (Apur)
  • Regulating systems: nature, water
    • Where does the fox run? by Christiane Blancot (Apur)
    • What use is biodiversity? interview with Philippe Clergeau
    • Ode to the puddle, by Frédéric Bertrand and Mélanie Guilbaud (Apur)
    • Water out in the open, interview with Ronan Quillien

Long live the city

  • Cities and new uses 
    • Physical and digital, the interwoven city, by Patricia Pelloux (Apur)
    • Intelligent street furniture arrives in the city, interview with Mathieu Lehanneur
    • Tomorrow’s city, interview with Dédale (Stéphane Cagnot and Julien Brouillard)
    • Artistic and social interaction, interview with Collectif ETC
  • Logistics and upgrading its flow
    • Another logistic, by Hervé Levifve (Apur)
    • Full steam ahead for trains, interview with Claude Samson
    • My beautiful platform, interview with Laetitia Dablanc

Figures, letters, maps

  • Parisians: a family photo, by Stéphanie Jankel (Apur)
  • Apur and the geomatic revolution, by Chantal Pinchon (Apur)

Glossary, acronym index and bibliography

2 - City of Paris - White Paper / Call for input on Hidden Resources



  • Positive energy, ecosystem toilets: WC Lib, Damien Antoni, Architecture for City Systems (SYVIL)
  • Eauparif: For integrated water management, Jean-Emmanuel Gilbert, Vigicell
  • Management system for the running and security monitoring of energy based on the technology of intelligent networks (INTELCOM), Ilan Juran, NYU
  • Water as a hidden resource, Jean-Claude Deutsch, Ecole des Ponts ParisTech 
  • Evaluating waste: its history and potential, Emmanuel Adler, EIVP

New technology

  • Analogical intelligent cities, Carmelo Rodriguez Cedillo, PKMN [Pac-Man Architectures
  • Non-drinking water and urban heat islands, David Demeret, Veolia Eau
  • Recovery of vehicles’ deceleration energy, Lorenzo Confalorieni, Underground Power
  • Responsible use of stocking resources, Olivier Chabin, Smart Nest

New development

  • Optimisation of heat from industry, Louis-Marie Le Leuch, CPCU
  • Heat recovery from surface water in Paris, Bernard Levëque, GDF SUEZ
  • The ice-cold water network a key player in the diversification of economising energy and resources, Pierre Pouef, Climespace
  • Recovering heat on DATA CENTERS, Sylvain Auclair, Dalkia

Commercialised technology

  • Energy solutions involving water, Rémi Loubeyre, Lyonnaise des Eaux
  • ENERGIDO® recovering heat from sanitation systems, David Demeret, Veolia Eau
  • Citizens in the city, an economic resource, Rémi Loubeyre, Ocea Smart Building
  • Water in the city - Barcelona, Rémi Loubeyre, Lyonnaise des Eaux
  • Towards an intelligent and sustainable network of non-drinking water, Rémi Loubeyre, Lyonnaise des Eaux
  • New uses of water in the city, Rémi Loubeyre, Lyonnaise des Eaux


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