The -Vivre sa Ville- programme on France Culture Radio: The river banks for pedestrians

The Programme on 23rd May 2010: “The City of Paris has a new development plan for the  Seine embankments along the low-level banks, a Unesco listed World Heritage site, which will be submitted to the Paris Council in June. The  supremacy of the car as in President Pompidou's time and the 70’s is behind us, even though the embankments are still the sorry scene of traffic jams. Should Paris, however, be made into a capital with leisure areas the length of the Seine? Probably not. But the need for oxygen must be resolved in a city that is shared by more and more of us. To discuss this issue, we have with us two architects specialising in urban and fluvial development, Marc Mimram and Antoine Grumbach, and the Director of the Atelier parisien d’urbanisme Francis Rol-Tanguy.”

Article: Pauline Maucort

Production: Véronique Vila