The White Paper on Mobility by 2030

Towards durable, intelligent and optimised mobility in Ile-de-France by 2030

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The 2030 Mobility White Paper has been piloted by the Grand Paris Metropole Forum, in collaboration with the Association of the Mayors of Ile-de-France, the City of Paris and the Grand Paris Metropolis and was assisted by Apur and IAU-îdf.

The questions linked to daily travel, the over saturation of the various transport networks, environmental and economic issues, public health and the large, coming events (World Cup in 2023 and the Olympic Games and Paralympics in 2024…) are all challenges for people living in Ile-de-France.
As the fruit of an initiative uniting a hundred or so public and private key players, plus the involvement of inhabitants, the white paper will be presented by the its representatives on 11th April at the Ile-de-France Mayors’ professional fair on the Amif stand. 
With the intention of thinking now about the future mobility of Ile-de-France citizens, dozens of pilot committees and technical meetings have been held throughout 2017. The aim of all this is to draw up a diagnostic and to make proposals, coming both from government and local authority members and from inhabitants, that will improve the quality of transport options for people living and working in Ile-de-France and reduce pollution and inconvenience.

The objective of representatives is to now develop their 10 proposals in order to construct informed and optimal public action on mobility issues. With  this in mind they have decided to launch an international consultation on the future of motorways,  of the outer ring-road - the Boulevard Périphérique - and dual carriage expressways.


Documents to download

  • Le livre blanc des mobilités à l'horizon 2030

    Format : pdf, 5.56 MB
  • The White Paper on Mobility by 2030

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