Yangon Zoning plan – Pilot project on Hlaing Township

In 2017 and 2018, in the context of the cooperation programme between Paris and Yangon and with the support of the French Development Agency - Agence française de développement - (AFD), Apur worked with the municipality of Yangon developing a pilot project to provide the city with a land use map and a building by-law called “Zoning Plan”.

Condominiums and small houses in Hlaign township © Apur

This work was carried out within the department in charge of urban planning in Yangon, the Urban Planning Division, by a technical team made up of Burmese and French architects and engineers.
In a pilot district of Yangon - Hlaing Township- an urban diagnosis was carried out. It revealed the importance of putting in place a land use plan that combined a densification of construction, made necessary by the rapidly increasing population, and the creation of land reserves in order to respond to the population’s need for facilities and services through protecting landscapes, natural areas, public spaces and infrastructures.
This work was presented to the Municipal Authorities of Yangon in 2019 who are now studying the best way to draw up the land use plan and construction regulations for the entire city, the “Yangon Zoning Plan”.
The various stages of this work are summarised in a document formed of two parts, the first contains the diagnosis, the second part presents the major urban development issues and the “Zoning Plan” project which includes a  “Zoning map”, construction regulations by zone “District Resolutions” which are illustrated by diagrams, proposals of development principles for certain areas of land that present particular issues (protecting drainage canals, crossing infrastructures, creating parks and protecting areas of water..). 

Bilingual English / Burmese document.



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    Yangon Zoning plan – Pilot project on Hlaing Township

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