The pedestrians of Greater Paris. Perspectives on the urban walk

Walking in the city is booming, especially in Greater Paris ... Why? Crossing views of walkers and mobility experts.

Le quartier Saint-Louis à Versailles traversé par le Grand Paris Express piéton, cycle de randonnées urbaines organisées par Enlarge your Paris et la Société du Grand Paris / © Jéromine Derigny pour Enlarge your Paris

Urban walks are booming, especially in Greater Paris ... Like explorers of everyday life, they are more and more numerous to survey, alone or in groups, the margins and the landscapes of a metropolis in full mutation. By their steps, these pedestrians give a new glimpse of Greater Paris, its history, its topography and its landscapes. Can this change of scale and pace inspire public policy? This evening of "crossed views" will ask the question, and bring some insights and elements of response.

Dominique Alba, director general of the Apur, will intervene in the sequence "The future of the march in the metropolis.The metro of Greater Paris will help the pedestrian to reconquer the periphery?"

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