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In Ile-de-France, 43% of employees, i.e. 2.2 million people, work in one of the 39 hubs with more than 10,000 jobs. To show the very complex “home – work” migration of these employees, this datavisualisation in chord diagram form, shows very simply  the home-workplace interrelations or flow between the various employment hubs of reference and the departments where employees live.
Understanding commuter journeys to and from employment hubs  is an important factor of the Greater Paris – Grand Paris project, one of whose aims is to shorten the commuting times of workers in Ile-de-France.
This datavisualisation accompanies the study (Note de (4/8 pages) which came out in December 2014 entitled “Half the workers in Ile-de-France employment hubs travel less than 10km to get to work”.
The 39 employment hubs were defined in an initial volume of the study which came out in January 2014 supported by Clap data 2010. The flows represented were calculated on the basis of Insee-DADS data (Automated declaration of unified social data) 2010.
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