Access to social housing in Paris – An analysis of demands for social housing and a report on propositions and the allocation of social housing in Paris in 2011

Access to social housing in Paris - 2011

On 1st January 2011 there were 197,414 social housing units -SRU-  in Paris, making up 17.13 % of  Parisians' main residences. The number of aided and intermediary accommodation units amounted altogether to over 255,000. However the low turnover level registered in the housing stock ; 5.4% on 1st January 2011, considerably limited the number of housing  units available for allocation.

Faced with this limited housing offer the number of applicants for social housing was particularly high and continued to rise in comparison with the previous year, in a context where the purview of housing demands spread to a Regional level: 96,086 Parisian households renewed or made a first application in 2011 as opposed to 92,712 in 2010 (+3.6%). The volume in the number of Parisian demands grew by 3,374 applications in 2011 compared with only 1,264 new demands made by Parisians in 2010.
Over 12,000 households obtained social housing in Paris during the year 2011. Over a third of these allocations were made by social housing organisations out of the City of Paris reserved housing quota  (33.9%) and almost one out of every five was allocated following a decision by the Paris Prefecture within the framework of  25% reserved for social applicants and 5% for civil servants (19.4%). The other allocated housing units came from the quota given to collecting bodies for the 1% invested by businesses and the State reservations for civil servants (5% non reserved allocated to civil servants) (29.4% of the total number of allocations), there is also the social housing organisations' own quota (16.3%).


  • The Parisian social housing stock
  • Demand for social housing
  • Allocation of social housing
  • The DALO law
  • The  Departmental local authority agreement
  • Conclusion
  • Synthesis of results


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