Driverless vehicles: what is their future in Paris?

The proliferation of experiments and the authorisation of driverless vehicle tests starting in 2019 are raising questions about the impact of driverless vehicles and the issues surrounding them on mobility in Grand Paris.

Driverless shuttle built by Navya and Ile-de-France Mobilities, being tested on the pedestrianised area at La Défense © Apur - Maud Charasson

The proliferation of experiments in the field of autonomous mobility in France and abroad, has created a unique opportunity for discussion about how public transport systems might evolve. To this end, Apur, in collaboration with MIT, is hoping to match technological advances with their possible benefits for urban public transport and logistics, through examining the situation of how this technology is applied in the context of Grand Paris.

The aim, in order to anticipate the imminent arrival of driverless vehicles, is to create a better understanding of which modes of transport and tools to develop as of today, based on a survey of experiments both underway and to come as well as the proposal for an orientation framework shared with both public and private key players.


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