Paris Projet n°29 - Development of the Seine left bank area

The studies on the Seine left bank area began in 1987...

View of the Bibliothèque de France (BNF) site and the River Seine’s left bank, 1990 © Apur

The way in which the plan was developed, the options retained, the various proposals and consultations are presented here.

Table of Contents:


  • Jacques Chirac, Mayor of Paris
  • Camille Cabana, Deputy Mayor of Paris responsible for urbanism
  • Jacques Toubon, Deputy Mayor of Paris, Mayor of 13th district


  • Foreword, Nathan Starkman
  • An open approach, François Grether

The station neighbourhood: a review of the situation 

  • Interpretation of a site, Apur
  • Land where urbanisation is delayed, Bernard Rouleau
  • Architectural promenade, Bernard Marrey

Tolbiac, Bercy: territories and projects, Bernard Marrey

  • Conquest of an area, Apur
  • Beyond borders, Jean-Pierre Le Dantec
  • Consultations and studies 1982-1983
  • The 1989 Universal Exhibition
  • 1992 Olympic Games 
  • Banlieues 89 

Austerlitz, Tolbiac, Massena : railway lines and techniques

  • Map of the city, Apur
  • The city and its double, André Lortie
  • Park Avenue and Grand Central City, Jean Castex
  • A boulevard above a canal, Christiane Blancot
  • City and trains : meeting up again, Jean-Marie Duthilleul and Michel Jaouen  
  • Consultations and studies 1987-1988
  • Consultations 1988
  • The Athena Project

Left bank of the River Seine: image and cityscape

  • Proposal prospects, Apur
  • Between heaven and rail tracks, David Mangin
  • Bibliothèque de France library, Dominique Perrault
  • A 21st century city, Joseph Belmont
  • Consultations and studies 1989-1990
  • Consultations 1989
  • 1989-1990 development options

The project

  • Paris for the future, Nathan Starkman
  • Summary documents
  • Aspirations for the city, Alain Grellety Bosviel
  • At the service of a big project, Thérèse Cornil 
  • The programme

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Documents to download

  • Paris projet

    Paris Projet n°29 - Development of the Seine left bank area

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