Paris Projet n°3 - Urban planning beneath the city of Paris

What if we considered urbanism from another angle? In this 1970 issue of Paris Projet urbanism is approached from the unusual viewpoint of Paris underground. Another notable subject covered in this issue is the development of the Champs Elysées.

Extract of the Métro map including the depth of tunnels and stations and the entire complex of arcades and corridors © Apur

Table of contents:

Urbanism and Paris underground

  • History’s legacy
  • Underground facilities in a modern city
  • What new aspects for the capital’s future development policy?
  • Debate on the prospects of underground urbanism 

The City of Paris confronted with the 6th district Plan: thoughts on funding and investment: Paul Reverdy

A glance at street furniture in the capital

The Champs Elysées: development proposals
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    Paris Projet n°3 - Urban planning beneath the city of Paris

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