Paris Projet n°6 - The 7th district

In this issue a monograph on Paris’ 7th district is published highlighting the fact that...

View from the Eiffel Tower of Avenue Bourdonnais alongside the River Seine © Apur

... despite any preconceived ideas one may have, the district is undergoing the same changes as other areas of Paris.

One can also find a fascinating historical study on Napoleon’s Paris.

Table of contents:

The 7th district

Rehabilitation of Invalides (J .P. Paquet)

Foreign examples

Florence, Urbino, Bologna

Walls in cities

Tourism in Paris

  • The tourism situation in Paris
  • Visitors to Paris

Urban development in Paris under Napoleon (J Tulard) 

  • Imperial urbanism
  • Architecture of the Empire
  • Aedilian problems

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    Paris Projet n°6 - The 7th district

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