Libération Forum Greater Paris is ours -À nous Grand Paris- the metropolis in 10 debating sessions

Libération Forum - Greater Paris is ours- À nous Grand Paris
On 29th November 2014 Paris Métropole and the editorial staff of the newspaper Libération are organising a day of debates on the future metropolis of Greater Paris  -Métropole de Grand Paris-  at the Centquatre.
The public is invited to take part in 10 debates on metropolitan issues in the company of key players from various fields (politicians, sociologists, geographers, historians, managers of associations...).
This forum is the first step of a communication programme which will continue into 2015 with decentralised debates and a final summarising event of recapitulation.  
At this event, The Greater Paris – Grand Paris Pre-planning Mission, Apur and the Île-de-France will exhibit a series of 16 land-mark maps taken from the publication “The Primer A to Z of the future Greater Paris – Grand Paris -  Metropolis” which make it possible to understand the geographic and historical basis of the territory, the big changes underway and to appreciate todays particularities with regard to future developments.


Documents to download

  • The Greater Paris Metropolis-Grand Paris- from A to Z – 16 panels in 84x120cm format

    Format : pdf, 119.79 MB
  • The Greater Paris Metropolis-Grand Paris- from A to Z – 16 panels in A4 format

    Format : pdf, 40.27 MB