Commercial facilities in 2020

Commercial facilities in 2020 © Apur

In October 2020, a total of 61,541 shops and services formed Paris’ commercial facilities. There were 7,782 food shops (red circles), 19,926 non-food shops such as clothes, and furniture shops, bookshops, chemists, etc. (blue circles), 16,792 commercial services such as hair-dressers, cobblers, banks, etc. (green circles) and 15,247 cafés, bars and restaurants (yellow circles). Vacant premises or those undergoing alteration work, awaiting new occupants are marked in grey. The 1,894 hotels and other accommodation are not shown on the map. The 61,541 shops and services are classified according to the surface area devoted to sales. One can also identify open-air and covered markets mauve squares and lines, department stores - Les Grand Magasins - (large blue squares) and the main commercial centres and shopping arcades (pale blue pentagons).


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