31st May 2018 - Publication on Open Data of the database on the Greater Metropolitan Landscape

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Apur put online its open data platform database and a cartographic representation of elements within the “Greater Landscape” of the metropolis, including places from where they are visible and recognisable. 

While the metropolitan process becomes more self assured in all social, urban and political aspects, the urban landscape is built up haphazardly as project follows project. The “Greater Landscape” of the conurbation involves not only the administrative boundaries but a much vaster territory where hills, knolls, valleys and plateaux form natural boundaries and distant horizons from where one can see beyond the atmospheric historical centre, landmarks and building complexes as so many points of reference within the territory.

Apur has produced a database which lists these landmarks (all the bridges and building complexes whose height contrasts with the surrounding urban fabric or is over 37 metres high), and belvederes from where they are visible and recognisable as well as notable buildings.

To access the Greater Landscape - Grand Paysage database:  http://opendata.apur.org/datasets?q=paysage

Over 80 data sets on Apur's Open Data platform

Involved since 2015 in the process of exchanging and sharing data, the Paris Urbanism Agency regularly releases new data sets and updates data already available. Today, over 80 data sets covering Paris and the metropolis are accessible, that is to say millions of data among which are 1,000,000 buildings, 700,000 land plots, 13,000 km of road, etc.

To access the Apur Open Data platform: http://opendata.apur.org/

Press contact: Quentin Treton : email – 01 42 76 21 59

About Apur - The Paris Urbanism Agency -
Apur is an association regulated by the 1901 Law. Its main task is to study and analyse the urban and societal development taking place throughout Paris and the Metropolis of Greater Paris -La Métropole du Grand Paris-. Around the City of Paris, the Government and the Métropole du Grand Paris, Apur brings together 26 metropolitan partners, territories, technical syndicates, public establishments who each year draw up a work programme giving details of all the studies, observatories and data processing carried out by the Agency. 
Contact presse : Quentin Treton : mail – 01 42 76 21 59


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