Areas of detached housing in the Greater Paris -Grand Paris-
Challenges and prospects

With 1.16 million people living in 416,500 detached houses, Grand Paris Metropolis is the leading city in France for this type of individual housing.

Montfermeil : a view of the detached housing fabric  © Apur – David Boureau

The urban fabric of detached housing takes the archetypal form of houses and gardens, and spreads geographically throughout the metropolis from east to west and north to south creating its specific landscape and covering 18% of the metropolitan territory, nearly half of which is planted with vegetation. However, apart from the general figures and the enormous popularity among the French for these homes, little is known about the specific details of the detached housing fabric.

At a time when the implementation of the Master Plan for the Ile-de-France Region - SDRIFe -, the Territorial Coherence Guidelines - SCoT  -, the Inter-municipal Local Urbanism Plans, the Metropolitan Housing and Accommodation Plan, and the Climate and Resilience Law, are all being put in place, the study aims to increase the knowledge about these residential areas in order to appreciate and preserve their qualities as well as to consider their necessary adaptation to the climate, economic and social changes by which the metropolis is confronted.

Apur contributed to the research report Gardening knowledge and practices, a survey in the pavilions of Greater Paris, carried out by the Architecture Anthropology Laboratory (LAA) based on surveys by students from the National School of Architecture of Paris-La Villette.


Presentation of the Apur study :

Find all the videos of the pavilion meetings by clicking here which were held in June 2023 in Paris.

Infographie - La ville pavillonnaire du Grand Paris © Apur


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