Atlas of Sports Activities in Paris

On the eve of the 2024 Olympic and Paralympic Games, the atlas highlights a wealth of widely diverse sports facilities: public open-air and indoor facilities, all types of private venues being developed, public space used for sports activities, sport focused social innovation, the hosting of major national and international competitions and big popular sports events.

Atlas of Sports Activities in Paris © Apur

The public offer is made up of 409 indoor venues and 597 open-air facilities which include free-access facilities in public spaces. These facilities are currently much in demand, with over 3.2 million hours booked each year.
Since 2020, 175 renovation and building projects have been ongoing, 91 of which were completed in May 2023, 13 new facility projects are still in progress.

The public offer is completed by 485 private sports venues, an offer that has grown by 71% since 2014. Alongside this, new tools are being developed: coaching, digital applications etc. 

In a particularly dense urban fabric, the City of Paris is adapting its range of facilities and developing public space (apparatus, playgrounds, sports circuits) to meet an ever increasing demand for sports activities, while at the same time, seeking to initiate a culture of movement everywhere for everyone  which addresses the health and well-being aspirations of sports enthusiasts.

The City of Paris is also setting up a lot of schemes to boost sports activities for young people, women, people with disabilities, senior citizens and prescription sport by developing sport and health centres.

Using hitherto unpublished maps, including sport-by-sport for 23 sports families, this atlas finally sheds light on the way in which public policies promote equal access to sport by putting sport and sport practitioners at the forefront of every consideration.


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