Facilities for independently run, private coach services

Offer and network in Greater Paris - Grand Paris - for this inter-regional and international service

Roissypôle bus and coach station at the Charles-de-Gaulle airport © Apur

The rapid development of independently organised coach services in France and Grand Paris has created a system of facilities which has been built up as opportunities arose. The success of the offer relies on a strategy of extremely competitive fares compared with other travel options and on an evolving territorial network.

In this context, Apur wished to document the existing facilities used by Flixbus and BlaBlacar Bus, two major key players in the independently run, private coach services market in Grand Paris. The mobilisation of data provided by operators, interviews carried out with several stakeholders in the sector (ART, managers, local authorities), the analysis of the results of a survey carried out with users of the Bercy-Seine coach station and examination of the network in Grand Paris, shed light on many aspects of the sector: the role of each facility in relation to the functioning of services, the expectations of operators and developers, the profile of users and the improved accessibility expected by 2030. 

The study shows that the coaches of independently run services have found a clientele among the less affluent, young people, students and employees. It also highlights the central role that the Bercy-Seine coach station plays, accommodating nearly 6 million passengers in 2019 (83% of such passengers in Grand Paris), and taking on the function of a national hub which raises questions of urban integration. The study also assesses the carbon footprint of the sector, based on the declarations of 1,800 users questioned about the modal shift.

Finally, the introduction of public transport services by 2024 and 2030 will improve lines to several stops located in Grand Paris and will extend the catchment area of half of them, providing an opportunity to optimise the network. These numerous dimensions raise the hypothesis of a potential shift from the current operating system to a more geographically organised framework, with consideration to be given to improving the comfort elements offered to users.

Infographie - L'accueil des autocars librement organisés © Apur


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