Innovation and research are top priority for Greater Paris -Grand Paris-

Innovation and research are top priority for Greater Paris -Grand Paris
Following the colloquiums at Le Havre, Rouen and in 2012 Paris, the City of Caen hosted the fourth edition of this meeting devoted to the Seine Valley.
In 2013 the aim of the colloquium was to reveal the research and innovative potential of this strategic area and the rôle companies, R & D centres, universities and public key players can have in revitalizing the territory's economy.
As a result of the meeting a new publication was jointly compiled by the six urbanism agencies (l’Apur, l’AURH (Le Havre), l’AURBSE (Rouen and the Boucles de Seine et Eure urbanism agency), l’AUDAS (Seine Aval), l’AUCAME (Caen) and l’IAU (Ile-de-France) entitled “Research and Innovation. As seen by urbanism agencies”. It includes an analysis of the innovation ecosystem set up by each of the six urbanism agencies on their territories. Focusing on the combined effects of the different contributions brought to light an original view of the potentiality of the Seine Valley as a whole.
This article corresponds to Apur's contribution and deals with the Parisian metropolis, showing how it truly represents a cauldron of innovation which concentrates on a small territory, managerial activity, company services, financial  organisations and “forceful creativity” in scientific and technological domains but also artistic, cultural and entrepreneurial fields. The areas of excellence of the Parisian innovative ecosystem are notably health, digitalisation, design and eco-activities. Paris has put innovation at the top of its priorities and has instigated actions in the fields of a new property offer and assistance to innovative businesses, support to business sectors and networks, setting in motion experiments and helping education and research. Paris finally highlights, like the other territories which have the Seine as centreline - Axe Seine -, its determination to link with the river. It has for many years been developing innovative projects along the Seine such as public spaces,  public transport and port linked, economic and logistic projects.


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