”Key workers” French style? Phase 2, Qualitative analysis

“Key Workers” French style?
The Interdepartmental Regional Department of Housing and Accommodation in Ile-de-France (DRIHL Ile de France) has given the Parisian Urbanism Agency (Apur) a pre-planning mission of defining a Francilian approach to the notion of “key workers” and developing proposals for housing policies. Is it pertinent to give priority housing access to people working in certain jobs with the aim of diminishing the negative effects of the housing crisis on the metropolis and its economy?
This report carried out within the framework of the second phase of the study, sheds light on the qualitative aspect of the key worker issue.
This qualitative approach is a complementary addition to the quantitative analysis and is intended to provide the invisible elements and contribute to the thinking and considerations forming the basis of recommendations.
By gathering stories and opinions directly from Ile-de-France households of so called “key workers” as well as those with CHRO and social work type professions, the study highlights the principal strategies used by Francilian households during their professional, residential and everyday travel.


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  • ”Key workers” French style? Phase 2, Qualitative analysis

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