Parisian families, recent trends

Parisian families, recent trends

With 263,000 families having at least one child aged under 25, Paris, in 2009, had 15,000 more resident families than in 1999. 

The main points to highlight are:
  • There was a marked acceleration in demographic growth in Paris during the period 2006-2010 (+0.7% per year).
  • The increase in the number of families took place at a slightly faster rate than the growth of the population as a whole during the period 1999-2009.
  • The number of families receiving basic social welfare benefits also rose, mainly due to more families claiming AAH benefit for disabled adults. The number of families benefiting from the RSA minimum benefit for job seekers with no income, remained stable in spite of the crisis. In 2010 the number of pupils in schools rose to 19,324, that is 7.3% of Parisian families.
  • An increasing number of families receive aid from the Paris City Social Aid Centres CASP. The number of claims for the single parent housing scheme  -Paris Logement Familles Monoparentales- rose from 2,745 families in 2002, when it was set up, to 8,917 families in 2011, that is to say 12% of Parisian single parent households.
  • With 30,100 births taking place in Paris in 2011, the birth rate decreased after having remained high  throughout the previous decade. With the birth rate remaining high on a regional level it would seem to  imply that this is mere coincidence.


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