Transitional Urbanism - Legal solutions

Carried out in partnership with the Cheuvreux Lab, this study aims to thoroughly examine the legal framework in which transitional urban planning projects unfold, in order to clarify the current possibilities and solutions found.

La Promesse de l’Aube - 19, allée des Fortifications - Paris (16e) © Plateau Urbain - ALeroy

Based on projects that were analysed in the context of the study “Emergency accommodation: new approaches, hybrid projects”, published in February 2021, this analysis is an opportunity to question the appropriateness of the existing regulatory framework for implementing this type of project.

Should ways of adapting, even changing the present framework be considered to encourage these responses to be more widely spread, on a larger scale? The challenge is not only to facilitate their implementation, the potential of which in terms of integrating the people lodged, the opportunity for other users of these sites and the revitalisation of territories is developed in the study, but also to contribute to the more wide spread distribution of more sustainable urbanism.

The current legal possibilities are detailed at the different stages of the projects being carried out, be this for the occupation of a site (urbanism and use procedures), managing the provision of spaces (agreement between the parties involved) or for rendering it possible to open the space to the public (safety and accessibility). Better knowledge of these possibilities represents a lever in mobilising key players and the deployment of these projects.

In order to go further, ways of developing the existing framework are also proposed which include adapting the time limits for examining transitional, short-term permits, creating a transitional prior declaration and even creating a transitional urbanism authorisation which would allow the different legally binding obligations for a project to come under one single authorisation.


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