Developments in the “Outskirt -Faubourg-” territory of Est Ensemble

A look at changes in the “Faubourg” Est Ensemble and the impact of transformations

View of the Faubourg Est Ensemble territory ©

The “Faubourg -outskirt-” area Est Ensemble groups together the Est Ensemble municipalities which are located along the Périphérique ring-road. It is a territory made up of very contrasting neighbourhoods which form an area with a social and functional mix that is today undergoing numerous transformations. Apur in conjunction with the local authority departments has carried out an analysis which reveals that the gradual process of these transformations , while carried out respecting regulations, is leading to the disappearance of identities. The documents produced puts forward ways for enabling a finer understanding of this process and regulations in favour of preserving identity.


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    Developments in the “Outskirt -Faubourg-” territory of Est Ensemble

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    Map guide of the “Faubourg”, urban systems - Est Ensemble

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