Housing for seniors citizens in the Greater Paris -Métropole du Grand Paris- Extract from the diagnostic of the Metropolitan Housing and Accommodation Plan (PMHH)

The ageing of the population is starting to be felt in Grand Paris and housing for senior citizens represents a multi-faceted issue: renovation work to adapt housing, a lack of places in establishments providing care for the dependant elderly and their high cost, an increasing need for personal help and care services …

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In 2013, there were almost 1 million inhabitants aged 65 and over in MGP making up 13.8% of the population, that is 75,600 more senior citizens than in 2008 (+0.8%). The percentage in Île-de-France as a whole is similar (13.5%), but lower than the national average (17.9%). According to predictions made by the National Institute for Statistics and Economic Studies (INSEE), the number of people aged 75 and over will reach 1.2 million in Île-de-France by 2030, an increase of 44% in 15 years. This increase in age is likely to affect all Île-de-France Departments to varying degrees.  

60% of senior citizens are home owners and have neither rent or a mortgage to pay. People growing older and losing their autonomy can have an enormous impact on the question of housing, whether it be adapting housing lived in by elderly people (remaining at home being the most common situation), or finding a suitable accommodation facility in a context where these types of establishments in MGP are under-equipped and expensive. 

The 2015 law addressing the adaptation of the society and the ageing population promotes the development of small living units which are grouped together with intergenerational occupants that may even be shared: it is a question of proposing types of accommodation that suit different life-courses, maintaining autonomy and encouraging sociability.

Numerous alternatives to being institutionalised are now seeing the light of day, suggested by inhabitants, associations, social housing organisations, and private key players.


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