A Local Energy Plan for Paris and the metropolis

A Local Energy Plan for Paris and the metropolis
The  study on the Local Energy Plan (PLE) in a part of Apur's partnership programme (in 2013, 2014 and 2015). This work follows on from studies carried out by the Agency over the last ten years on the association between varying types of energy sources and the urban framework (study on greenhouse gases emitted by Parisian buildings,  thermography of housing blocks, etc.).
Confronted with the global climate and energy issues, the main lines of its objectives are familiar ground :  the factor 4 concept, the European Climate and Energy Package. The regulatory framework is also been established on 3 levels : national with the law on energy transfer for green growth, regional with the Regional Climate Air and Energy Guidelines (SRCAE), and local with the Territorial Climate Energy Plans.
The energy consumption of buildings amounts to 67% of regional consumption (not counting air transport), which puts building in first place when it comes to issues linked to energy in the metropolis: reducing glasshouse gas emission GHG (favouring energies with minimal emission, reducing energy consumption)) and prote
cting energy systems (maintaining transport and distribution infrastructures, mutualising systems and resources taking into consideration the global economy, giving priority to local resources, lessening the peak demand for electricity).
The aim of the Local Energy Plan is to participate in setting up a territorial energy strategy which optimises the balance between energy resources, local needs and networks in relation to the metropolis' building ”stock”. By integrating knowledge about construction systems, the available industrial tools and the potential of  sustainable energy and energy recovery/efficiency (ENR1R), the Local Energy Plan (PLE) should make it possible to asses the territory and to quantify  possible actions in time and space so as to guide strategic choices concerning types of energy, resources and actions to be taken upon buildings.
This note is essentially devoted  to the housing stock. Buildings linked to work activities will be dealt with in a second phase. Finally, the analysis of particular cases will make up  a third phase of the study.


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