Catalogue of geographical data on the Parisian Metropolis - 2021 update

In the context of its missions, the Paris Urbanism Agency - Apur - has been involved in the production and integration of numerous geographical data for over 50 years. These data, which enrich the legacy of common knowledge and are a stimulating force that runs through Apur’s work for the benefit of all, need to be documented to facilitate consultation, sharing and re-use.

Catalogue des données géographiques de la métropole parisienne - Mise à jour 2021 © / blackred - © Apur

With the 2012 and 2015 versions updated, this new 2021 catalogue is here presented in printable PDF format offering a semantic and cartographic description of a hundred or so data sets. This selection is taken from more than 160 descriptive files of the online geo-catalogue, which remains the reference due  to its greater wealth of information and very regular updating possibilities. This however does not render this new “paper” catalogue any less useful, as it is easy and ergonomic to consult. 

Each entry in this 2021 catalogue includes a certain amount of descriptive information such as a title, year of publication, type of data, geographic scope, category, description, source(s), the rate of update and limitations of use.

Most of the data sets are also accessible on the Apur open data platform. Apur ensures the homogeneity of descriptions between the different versions of the catalogue.


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    Catalogue of geographical data on the Parisian Metropolis - 2021 update

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