Diagnosis of the Bioclimatic Local Urbanism Plan for Paris

The diagnosis of the Paris Bioclimatic Local Urbanism Plan, carried out by Apur, provides an overview of the current situation and the initiatives already underway. It forms one element of the presentation report of the project for the Local Urbanism Plan which was approved by the Paris City Council on 5th June 2023.

Panoramic view of Paris © Apur - François Mort

In the context of its partnership program, Apur worked in close collaboration with the City of Paris and particularly the Paris City Urban Planning Department while drawing up the territorial diagnosis which takes stock of the current situation and ongoing action, focusing, as the basis of the urban analysis, on the following 12 themes :

  • Paris at the heart of a major metropolitan system
  • The population
  • Housing
  • Employment and attractiveness to businesses
  • Facilities
  • Local life in Paris: the many places where urban life takes place, their character and role
  • A city exposed to the effects of climate change, to risks and to pollution
  • Paris, committed to being zero-carbon by 2050
  • Nature in the city, an essential, much sought after common asset
  • Reducing forms of pollution and inequalities, an environmental health issue 
  • The public space system, a heritage that is constantly being adapted
  • Parisian urban fabric, a common heritage under continuous renewal. 

It is based on the most recent data and analyses available at the time.


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    Diagnostic du PLU bioclimatique de Paris

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