First 2023 results of the survey on Parisian commercial outlets

60,846 commercial outlets in Paris in 2023

Rue Saint Antoine - Paris 12e © Apur - François Mohrt

In partnership with the City of Paris and the Paris Chamber of Commerce and Industry, the Paris Urbanism Agency has published the 9th edition of the Commercial Database (BDCom). From this first, Post-Covid-19 study on commercial outlets in Paris one can ascertain the solidity of Paris’ commercial fabric, marked by only a slight decrease in number and an exceptionally stable commercial density in Paris with 28 shops per 1,000 inhabitants.

The detailed analysis of the categorised results reveals new consumption trends showing simultaneously the desire to shop for food close to home with a sharp increase in local shops, and the growing use of online shopping and services which particularly impact clothing retailers, banks and travel agencies. Running alongside this, new services are emerging in response to the new expectations of Parisians in the health and well-being  sector and in supporting the development of eco-friendly transport modes with a boom in shops which sell and repair bicycles.


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    First 2023 results of the survey on Parisian commercial outlets

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    Emerging commercial outlets created in Paris between 2020 and 2023

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