Social housing statistics in Paris in 2016 - Edition 2017

The main 2016 social housing figures for Paris: the number of Urban Renewal and Solidarity (SRU) social housing units, the changes in housing stock over 15 years, demand for and allocation of social housing.

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On January 1, 2016, there were 230,285 units of SRU social housing in use in Paris as calculated by the state and the City of Paris, representing 19,9 % of main residences. From 2001 - 2016, the Préfecture and subsequently the Department of Paris totalled up 90,886 units of social housing: 23,316 Assisted Housing Inclusion Loan units -PLAI- (26 %), 40,157 Social Use Housing Loan units -PLUS- (44 %) and 27,413 Social Housing loan units -PLS- (30 %).

Set against these figures, in comparison with previous years the number of requests for social housing in Paris is particularly high and climbing: in 2016, 236,352 households renewed or filed a first application citing Paris as one of their preferred locations.

The demand for social housing as expressed in Paris comes mainly from low-income households: 68% of households which are registered as applicants for housing in Paris have an income level lower than the Assisted Housing Inclusion Loan (PLAI) ceilings. Over 11,190 social housing units in Paris were allocated in 2016 (signed leases).


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