Towards a solar cadastre 2.0

The sun, a strategic resource for Métropole du Grand Paris

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In order to counter the enormous energy dependancy and move towards carbon neutrality, the Greater Paris Metropolis -Métropole du Grand Paris- (MGP) has to reduce its consumption but also produce a part of the energy it consumes locally by making use of the sustainable sources of energy on the territory.

The Metropolitan Climate Air Energy Plan (PCAEM) has fixed the objective of 60% of renewable and recovered energies, 30% of which are locally produced in the metropolitan energy mix by 2050. Among these resources solar energy has first place with a theoretic potential of 6 TW.h on a scale covering the whole of MGP (between 5 to 10% of the MGP energy consumption) an estimation made by extending the Paris solar cadastre established by Apur in the context of the 2015 Local Energy Plan.

Aware of the operational weakness of this first estimation, Ademe and Apur, with support from Métropole du Grand Paris, decided to launch a multidisciplinary work group to accompany solar development on the metropolitan territory. 

At a time when municipalities are accelerating their energy transition strategies, it is important to provide them with viable and shared data as backup to decision making tools so they will be able to establish realistic scenarios.

These circumstances have instigated the creation of a solar cadastre 2.0. 

Infographie - Note 148 - Vers un cadastre 2.0


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    Towards a solar cadastre 2.0

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    Analysis of solar potential by Elioth - Grand Paris roof tops - 15/09/2015

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