Urban logistics spaces integrated into real estate projects

In 2016, the Parisian Local Urbanism Plan selected 62 land plots as location zones intended for the creation of urban logistics spaces. Four years later, Apur analyses this provision, observing the projects on the land plots involved.

The Louvre Post Office, Paris 1er © Apur

Provisions for urban logistics zones in the Local Urban Plan -PLU-

In 2020 Apur analysed the results of sixty or so location zones established in order to create logistics facilities. On some of the plots concerned projects modifying buildings or using existing buildings had taken place during the four years period. Among the 62 sites, 15  were subject to applications made for building permits for heavy reconstruction work and/or a change in the utilisation. Conversely, certain projects do not yet include logistics facilities due to particular circumstances.

In order to efficiently assess the extent of development and the various directions taken, interviews were carried out with different players and project leaders. For those whose projects include logistics spaces, the interviews endeavoured to discern how they relate the location zone element into their construction project. For projects that don’t have  an Urban Logistics Space  - ELU -, Apur sought to understand the reasons why the regulation had not been implemented. 

This document draws up an account of the conditions which favoured or hindered the creation of ELUs on location zones. A regulatory tool that is unequally restrictive, a programme that needs to be adapted, support for project leaders, such are the themes which need to be taken into account in order to further improve the effectiveness of the provision. After having studied the ways in which the current tool can be evolved, this report outlines recommendations for completing the network of new sites so that more, new logistics facilities can be created and better distributed within the territory. 

Infographie  - Des espaces de logistique urbaine intégrés dans les projets immobiliers, le dispositif des périmètres de localisation dans le PLU © Apur


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