The tools for urban logistics in Local Urbanism Plans - PLU - The example set by the Paris PLU

The growing need to deliver goods in the central areas of the metropolis necessitates an optimal logistics organisation. When modifications were made in 2016, the Paris Local Urbanism Plan (PLU) reinforced its tools to promote spaces devoted to logistics. For the first time a PLU considered urban logistics as a necessary service, for the lives of inhabitants and economic key players in the city, that was as important as any public facility.

Beaugrenelle site located within the area of a Local Urbanism Plan: urban logistics facility, Paris 15 © Apur - Emmanuelle Roux

Ten years ago the City of Paris set itself the objective of encouraging the development of more efficient and less polluting urban logistics. To do this it has been necessary to design a network of metropolitan logistics on four scales which is established both in and out of Paris.

Means of transportation and the organisation of Urban Logistics Spaces (ELU) are evolving in order to better address the growing needs of consumers, be they the general public or professionals.
Consequently, the need for premises of varying dimensions in the city is essential and is therefore included in urbanism documents so that this activity can be preserved and developed.

Setting up approximately sixty areas where urban logistic facilities are established and the extension to level 3 ELU as defined by the CINASPIC (Necessary Construction and Facility Requirements for Public Communal Interest Services) form part of the main logistic levers in the changes made to the 2016 PLU.

The City of Paris has acquired the regulatory tools for recreating a network of logistic sites in the city centre, while preserving existing premises and facilitating the installation of new ones.

This note describes the main measures which could be used by other PLU and PLUI (Inter-municipal Local Urbanism Plans) by adapting them to local contexts. 

Infographie - Les outils au service de la logistique urbaine dans les PLU - L’exemple du Plan local d’urbanisme de Paris © Apur


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    The tools for urban logistics in Local Urbanism Plans - PLU - The example set by the Paris PLU

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