Service stations in Greater Paris -Métropole du Grand Paris- are facing new energies

Service stations located in Métropole du Grand Paris which supply fuel occupy 59 hectares and are having to adapt in order to accommodate new energies.

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Already in 2012, Apur carried out a monitoring process on the evolutions of service stations. This study aims to update and enrich the possibilities for stations to be open to new energies while considering their regulatory and urban constraints. At this stage it has reached the following projection:

  • 222 stations have been identified as transformable and able to accommodate new energies such as NGV/Biofuel or hydrogen.
  • 102 stations could possibly be transformed under certain conditions, they could accommodate complementary forms of fuel provided they stop selling all or part of currently distributed fuels or thoroughly overhaul the organisation of the facilities they offer.
  • 78 stations cannot accommodate the new energies (NGV/Biofuel, hydrogen). However, these stations could, providing they have a sufficiently high electrical capacity, accommodate electrical recharge “hubs” and/or other urban services.

The interactive map shows stations’ potential evolution based on the methodology developed by Apur. By simply clicking on them you are able to interrogate each station in the metropolis and obtain a detailed “technical” file as well as a link for looking at its surrounding environment.

For more information please refer to the study available here.