Access to Social Housing in Paris in 2021

March 2023, last updated 12 September 2023
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In 2021, 251,555 households were registered as applicants for social housing in Paris, after having renewed or made their first application. Among these households, 132,299 were Parisian. 10,772 applicants were allocated social housing, 28.9% of whom were considered to be priority cases.

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Volume 1: Social Housing Supply and Demand

This study analyses the characteristics of applicant households in order to guide the production of new social housing and the management of allocations. The length of time they have been applying, their geographical origins, their profile (family make up, income, professional situation, age, gender) and their housing conditions are described in detail.

The characteristics of applicant households are presented under seven specific applicants sub-sets :

  • The 132,259 Parisian applicants.
  • The 169,563 applicants for whom Paris is their first geographical choice. 
  • The 60,448 housing transfer requests.
  • The 71,096 applicants for social housing in the “1st quartile” of income.
  • The 1,753 applicants benefiting from the Accompaniment and Rehousing Priority Groups scheme.
  • The 21,185 applicants recognised as having priority under DALO requirements.
  • The 245,671 applicants according to their position in the City of Paris rating system.

The analyses describe applicants’ characteristics in order to guide the production of new social housing and to manage allocations.

Volume 2: Housing Allocations in 2020 and 2021

The study gives the numbers and descriptions of the social landlord housing allocated during 2021 (financing category, level of rent, reservation quota, typology) as well as the characteristics of the social housing applicants who obtained housing (how long they had been applying, family make-up, income level, priority character of the application including those qualifying as beneficiaries of the housing rights DALO law) .

The description of housing allocations made in 2021 and in previous years is based on two sources: the different construction dates of the Rentable Social Housing Stock Register (RPLS) and the different“Social Housing Applications and Allocations ” data bases published by the DRIHL Ile-de-France since 2017. 

In the course of 2021, 12,882 family housing units from the social landlord stock were thus allocated to households registered as social housing applicants in Paris. Among those benefiting from these allocations, 10,772 applicants obtained housing within the scope of regulated allocations including 3,110 households (28.9%) whose applications were deemed to be priority cases (in particular those recognised by DALO) by the State departments.

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